Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ch 2. The Birth

"that's it my boy breath" Fr. O'Connor said patting the boy on the back "Breath son breath" the boy chocked and coughed for air the smell of lake water fresh. "Yes sir Mr. Caldwell never seen a seen one that bad before, I tell you these cases just get harder and harder. I just hope I don't see another one like that again". The young boy Nicholas finally stops coughing and able to fake somewhat of a smile for his disheartened family members. "Nicholas" his mother says wrapping him in her arms. "O' Betty let the boy breath" the father says some what eased the ordeal is over, the young Nicholas now 10 has seen 68 medical doctors 27 psychologists, therapists and other cranks none of which have been able to help him or give the family any clue what is going on.

That is when they started to seek help other places. At first priests just gave them more referrals to doctors who just kept saying the same thing. Then a gentle old Priest Fr. Dominic suggested they try an exorcism, it took months for the diocese to approve every step of the way they had to fight. The first exorcism went very badly Nicholas almost killed Fr. Dominic. After that it was one exorcist after another from the time Nicholas was 7 until now finally free at age 10.

Fr. O'Connor a Priest of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter did what none of the others could.
He spent 14 days no eating no sleeping exercising the boy stopping only long enough for the boy to get nutriments and to have a glass of water himself. The seminarians and deacons who assisted him would take shifts changing out every so often. He was true to his word he did not rest until the demon was gone.

Now as the family began to calm and rejoice in the victory won this day Fr. O'Connor had a strange request. He asked to speak to the boy alone. "Please there is something of great importance I must speak with him about. A chill came over the air and the four seminarians looked at one another knowingly. As the room emptied and it was only Nicholas and the Priest they began to talk in whispered secrecy. "Do you remember what happened?" Nicholas said nothing "Come on boy do you remember what the demon said... at the end" a tear began to well in the boys right eye. "Come come" the kind priest said patting him on the back "nothing to cry about God permits all things for our greater good its just a simple question".
"Only in bits" the boy whispered
"Well then let me tell you and this is important so don't forget" the priest said pulling the boy into a tighter embrace like a father would his son "Asmodeus... for that is the name of the demon. Asmodeus promised to return. God has something special planed for you what it is I don't know but time will tell"

As they stood up and walked down stairs you could see the relief on everyones face. The boy was no longer crying he indeed had a smile. As the seminarians finished their coffee and prepared to leave Fr. O'Connor prepared his coat and bags it was then for the first time the boy really spoke. "I want to go" the shock of his sudden statement shocked everyone. "What" his mother asked "I want to go" everyone shared quizzical glances "Go where" his father finally asked "I want to Go with Fr. O'Connor". Now there was only more confusion. Fr. O'Connor smiled and spoke softly "No son I think you should stay here". The boy stood from his chair and this time it was not so much a question as an assertion "I want to go." His mother was noticeably disturbed here she had thought she just got her son back only for him to demand to run off with a Priest.

Mr. Caldwell took the boy aside and spoke to him for a few minutes then he returned and pulled Mrs. Caldwell aside and spoke to her. She was rather upset it was easy to tell from her disposition, and they were fighting about something it was easy to guess what but in the end she slumped her shoulders and you could tell she conceded. "Go pack" was the only words Mr. Caldwell said to his son. After what seemed like hours of silence but really couldn't have been more than a couple of minutes the boy came bounding into the room full of joy "are we ready yet" he exclaimed. Betty hugged him "You will come visit" she asserted "Yes ma'am" they boy slyly grinned "Often!" he broke into an even bigger smile if that was possible.

"We go now I go to be a Priest" this time even Fr. O'Connor was taken aback. "come Micheal" Fr. said to the boy now we go.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Enter the Priest

As I began to enter the house I was distinctly aware of something wrong but I was unable to voice what it was. The elderly lady at the door seemed nice enough but internally you just know something was amiss, perhaps it was the chilly air, or maybe the dark damp smell whatever it was you knew you didn't want to be there. "Father Michael?" a meek man said standing at the bottom of a staircase. "Yes my son" the man had to be 20 maybe 30 years my elder perhaps he was in his mid 50's. The man now very quizzical as they all are at my age no one expects a priest barely out of puberty with a baby face to be an exorcist but I have been at this longer than I care to recount. "How old are you Father" the man finally asks as they all do "twenty" I reply. "not even old enough to drink" he mumbles under his breath "I am sorry I didn't quite catch that", "nothing Father"
He smiles knowing I heard him and then precedes to lead me up the stairs.

as I take the first step my stomach quakes my breath grows short and I begin to get dizzy I grab onto the railing and steady myself "Father are you alright" the old woman asks with genuine concern in her voice "Yes ma'am if you wouldn't mind brining me a glass of water and 3 crucifixes" she knows something is wrong but a woman of her age still has the wits not to question the authority of a priest even a young priest. "Yes Father right away". 'Ave Maria...' I begin clutching my rosary blessed His Holiness Benedict the Great after he ordained me. As I recite the prayer from my childhood I begin to examine the pictures on the wall of a young healthy boy with each step I see the years in his life progress five six seven ten twelve. The weight on my chest is to heavy I must rest "Is this him?" I ask pointing to a ten year old soccer champion holding a trophy, "the man smiles for the first time the expression on his face is gentle yet hurt. "Yes Father that is Mathew"
"And how old is he now?"
"He will be fifteen next week"
"Yes I see" I say as the man again grows quizzical "nothing lets continue".
Atop the stairs my breathing becomes that of a mountain climber, as if I had just scaled Everest Mr. White begins "The Lord is my Shepard I shall not want" as he begins to recite the twenty-third psalm I can move freely again not much at first "sed et benignitas et misericordia subsequetur me omnibus diebus vitae meae et habitabo in domo Domini in longitudine dierum" I finish his prayer. As we walk down the hall to the boys room I take quick note of personal details lifestyles and habits trying to gain all the knowledge I can. Once at the door I take a deep breath as I prepare myself to enter into the dragons lair. opening the door I am horrified at what I find "Nice to see you again Michael... or should I call you Father now!?"